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 Cycling starting at 50
Posted December 6th, 2016 by Zdenko  in Cycling, TOOLBOX | No comments yet.

Coaches corner

Source: I Love Bicycling portal

Riding your bike is fun and enjoyable
There’s never a wrong time to get into cycling whether at 5 years old or starting at 50 years old. We all do it for various reasons but it always comes down to the fact that it is fun and enjoyable. Age can be seen as a hurdle by many and it can be if you don’t know a few things to look out for going into it.

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 Old Mazatlán
Posted December 2nd, 2016 by Zdenko  in Travel | No comments yet.

Travel Mexico

By: Zdenko Kahlina

Exploring Old Mazatlán (Centro Historico)
It is true what they say: Time flies when you’re having fun. And that’s what we have here in Centro Historico area, or as they also call it Old Mazatlán. The average temperature hovers around 28 degrees Celsius; the sun shines every day and outdoors is the place to be.

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 Vancouver highlights
Posted November 28th, 2016 by Zdenko  in Travel | 2 comments

Travel Canada

By: Zdenko Kahlina

Long weekend in Vancouver (BC) back in 2012.
As the Labour Day holiday was approaching this year, Vera and I were making plans how to spend this long weekend in neighboring province of British Columbia. Our plan was to drive there and visit our friends in Langley (BC) and we also wanted to finally tour the city of Vancouver. I knew, it was going to be a long drive, but I like driving so off we went on Friday morning (I had an extra day off from work) via Jasper and Kamloops on this 1000 km journey through western Canada.