Team Sky – in Mallorca
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A Photo gallery from the team’s training camp

By: Team Sky on Facebook

Beginning your preparation for the new season?
While here in Edmonton we are still shoveling snow on our driveways as the best preparation for the new cycling season, somewhere in other parts of the world, cyclists are beginning their preparation with the road rides in the warm climates.

It’s tough to maintain a regular training regimen 12 months a year. Taking a break from your usual routine for an off season, winter training program will not only help you maintain a good foundation or base for those early spring rides, but also help to avoid burn out when it’s time to resume those tough, regular season sessions.

Team Sky; Taking it easy before heading off – Flecha, Alex Dowsett, Rigoberto Urán, Xabier Zandio and Ian Stannard.

The more-informed pro-cycling fan would know that Mallorca island is a favorite pre-season training destination in Europe. It’s more famous for the pre-season Tour of Mallorca, which follows its own revised stage-race rules (“ride the stages you want”), reflecting perfectly the laid-back lifestyle on this welcoming island.  Number of professional teams are currently there, training on the local roads.

Port d’Alcudia, Balearic Island, Spain

The following pictures and a short report was found on Facebook, as it was posted by one of the team Sky professional riders. I am posting it here on my blog site without any changes…

Team Sky – Our training camp ride – 19 January, 2011
We’ll take you through all the details from Wednesday’s ride which twice took the riders up Sa Calobra climb.

Location: Port d’Alcudia, Balearic Islands, Spain

The bikes are lined up for the riders at base camp in Port Alcudia

Loading up the DS’s car

Steven runs through the plan for the day…

Edvald Boasson Hagen and Lars Petter Nordhaug were all smiles

The riders first headed past Pollenca and then on the climb up to Lluc – along with camera man Graham on the back of a motorbike. The first 20-minute effort of the day started a couple of kilometers before the climb, race coach Rod Ellingworth saying over the radio: “It should be 16-17 minutes from the start of the climb so starting from a couple of kilometers before that should be fine.”

The scenery was spectacular heading up to Lluc – and the weather was again near perfect.

Rigoberto heads up towards the summit…

After the effort was over the group joined back together and were boosted by a couple of mountain bikers! Chapeau to the mountain bikers who stayed with the guys for a while.

The guys were also being filmed by a stills photographer again and the images will be on the website in the coming weeks. The setting was perfect as the riders headed up again before what would be the stunning descent down to Sa Calobra.

Heading west near to Escorca…

… that’s so steep…

Having reached the Coll de Cal Reis it was on with the rain jackets for the descent.

About to begin the spectacular descent down to Port de sa Calobra. Once at the bottom it was time for the second 20-minute effort back up the mountain.

Looking back down the mountain…

…as the riders continued to head up…

The riders then headed back down once more – not all the way to the bottom this time – and the third effort began. This is Kurt…

The effort over, it was time to refuel.

But it was soon time to go again, this time in two groups – we followed the seven riders set for the Tour of Qatar. Lead-out practice was the order of the day…

…and here Jeremy takes the sprint…

The sprint completed, the guys briefly stopped to restock… But were soon on their way again.

Finally it was time for a gentle run back to Port Alcudia with another 150km-plus completed – and a friendly wave from what looks like the German national squad.

And the day certainly wasn’t over for the mechanics who started the job of washing down the bikes.




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