Velocity stage race 2011
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Edmonton Cycling

By Zdenko Kahlina
How windy was Velocity stage race?
Strong fields and flatland racing with horrendous cross winds ever experienced during the bike race (70+ km/hr), characterized this past weekend’s Velocity Stage Race held in and around Edmonton, Alberta. Approximately 180 riders competed in four men’s and two women’s categories. With this race cycling season is now officially open in Edmonton.

Road race: Start and finish was in Josephburg 

Wind was story of the day
On a very windy weekend cycling enthusiasts from all over the Alberta came to race their bikes for two days. This was a three stage race: Individual time trial and criterium race on Saturday with the long road race on Sunday. To win this race you’ve had to have the best time after all three stages. Each cyclist’s time for all the individual events is totaled and the overall winner was the rider with the lowest cumulative time. There were also winners for each individual event in each category.

And this was no easy task because both days the Alberta cross-wind was making bike racing almost impossible. Wind gusting up to 70 clicks was very dangerous for cyclists, not to mention very exhausting. Only the strongest were able to finish all three events.

The Individual Time Trial and road race were staged from Josephburg Recreational Grounds in Strathcona County. Distance for ITT was 10km and the road race was 135 km long for category 1 &2s. Criterium race on Saturday was held at the Alberta Research Park, in south Edmonton.

The Strathcona County is home to many quality recreation facilities that offer swimming, skating, fitness and play opportunities year-round. Multi-use trails link parks, playgrounds and community-gathering spaces for everyone to enjoy. Gently undulating terrain at elevations of 650 – 710 m, sporadic traffic and acreages spread around the beautiful landscape, make roads in the area perfect for cycling. Nestled next to one of Canada’s premier national parks (Elk Island park is just few kilometers away), Josephburg has everything cyclists can ask for.


Stage Event Details

Time Trial: Saturday May 14th. 2011
A time trial is an individual race over a fixed distance against the clock.  Riders start individually at timed intervals and the rider with the fastest time wins. The course may be from point to point, from town to town, or on a circuit (the start and finish are in the same place).

Start time was set to 8:30 am. Cyclists started leaving at 8:30 am in 30-second intervals. The Time Trial race was staged from Josephburg Recreational Grounds and total distance was 10km. The Course Starts: East of RR 213 on TWP 550 Turning: South on RR 212 West on TWP 544 North on RR 213 The Finish was 80 meters before the junction of TWP 550.

Criterium: Saturday, May 14th. 2011
Course was located at Alberta Research Park (250 Karl Clark Road – south end of Alberta Research Park at 23rd Avenue and Parson’s Road on Edmonton’s south side). Youngest riders were starting at 3 pm, with the Cat 1 & 2 racing at 6:45 pm.

A criterium is a short road race on a circuit closed to traffic. Races are of varying numbers of laps, depending on the category. The mass start, high-speed cornering and sprinting make criterium exciting for participants and spectators alike.  Because criterium pass the same point each lap they are better spectator events than road races.

This time organizers also planned for some prime sprints during the races for bonus time (3s, 2s, 1s), plus bonus time for top 3 at finish (6s, 4s, 2s), for each category.

Road Race: Sunday, May 2nd. 2010
Road races are mass-start events held on open roads. Racers ride in groups or ‘pelotons’, corner at high speeds, take turns ‘pulling’ at the front of pace lines, and pick tactical spots to try to break away.  The first rider across the finish line is the winner. Race start was at 10:00 am, at the Moyer Recreation Centre. There was a neutralized rolling start to the northwest corner of the course, approximately 1 km from registration to the corner of TWP 550 and RR 214.

The Course:
East on TWP 550 – South on RR 212 – East on TWP 544 – South on RR 211 – West TWP 542 – North RR 214 – East TWP 550 . Finish was at the Josephburg Recreation Grounds at the corner of TWP 550 and RR 213. Bonus time for top three at finish (6s, 4s, 2s) in each category.

Category Laps Distance
Cat 1/2 6 135 km
Cat 3 5
Women A&B 4 90 km
Cat 4 4 90 km
Cat 5 3 68 km
U17\Para 2 44 km
Para HC/Trike 1 22 km

For complete details download the Tech Guide

Bike racing is an exciting and challenging discipline, incorporating strength, fitness, coordination, strategy, precision, endurance and guts. This race was no exception, with gusty cross-winds during the whole race; everybody was exhausted by the time they reached finish line. It was hard to watch these young athletes riding against the wind and to see amount of suffering they went thru lap after lap.

I can’t go into too many details about races, because I wasn’t allowed to follow the race with the car, and since I don’t know the names of most racers I wouldn’t recognize them anyway. Please enjoy my photo gallery instead:

Post race meal was held back at the Moyer Recreation Centre. After the meal the organizers presented the best riders with their well deserved prizes.

I must say the race was well organized and the course was well picked. A huge thanks to all Velocity Cycling club members, but especially to Pat & Rob, and all the volunteers who once again made the Velocity Stage Race a success.

Complete race results are available at the Velocity Cycling Club web site:



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2 comments to “Velocity stage race 2011”

  1. Comment by Michael:

    Hey Website Owner! I really like your website. I found you through Google looking for some cycling info. I see you’re a cycling fan like me. We need to hear about cycling more often, but public media in Canada is mostly ignoring us!!
    Peace, keep up the good work. Michael.

  2. Comment by Ryan:

    Hey there,
    My name is Ryan Barr, and I just found your great website on the Velocity Stage Race that I was in a couple of weekends ago. It’s great when people cover these races, because the riders put so much effort into getting ready for them, and then they are gone in a matter of hours, and sometimes it seems like you have no record whatsoever that it even happened! I’m only cat 4, and not super serious, but I do love it and it’s a great way to stay in shape.

    I ride for team Niklas, and we are always looking for pictures of the team for our website (and Facebook profile pictures!). You have some great shots on your website, and I was wondering if there is some way we could get some of them from you? Great write up as well…. That was the windiest conditions I’ve ever ridden in!
    The pictures don’t really show the wind, I thought for sure a couple of times I was going to crash! Was still a great day for a race.

    Thanks again so much!
    Ryan Barr

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