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Just my cup of tea – é minha praia!
With more beaches than you can shake your bikini at, we enrolled some expert help to cherry pick Brazil’s best, for golden sands, azure seas and that extra wow factor…

The Brazilian equivalent of the British expression “Just my cup of tea” is “é minha praia” (‘That’s my beach”), which tells you all you need to know about the two countries’ relative cultural values. Brazilians can talk for hours about their favorite strip, nowhere is more closely associated with the beach as lifestyle than Brazil, and golden sands provide many of the country’s cultural icons: The Girl from Ipanema, Havaianas, fio dental (“dental floss”) bikinis, Copacabana …

With 8,000km of coastline and thousands of beaches to choose from – most of them lying beneath palm trees in the tropics – we asked 10 experts to choose their favourites, from a river beach in the Amazon down to one of the country’s hippest beach cities, Florianópolis. And if we’ve missed out your favorite, we’d like to hear from you.

Oiapoque to Chuy’s, the Brazilian coastline stretches over 8000 km, full of cliffs, swamps, dunes, reefs, bays, reefs, cliffs and stunning beaches.

Espelho Beach, State of Bahia

Country with the longest coastline of the tropical world, generously bathed by the sun and the Atlantic, with hundreds of islands dotting the vast blue sea, Brazil holds in its magnificent ocean shore, many of breathtaking scenery.

Some almost untouched, as the Cape Orange River mouth in Oiapoque in the portion of Amapa that enters the Northern Hemisphere, others almost infinite, as the gigantic and savage Cassino Beach, between the Patos Lagoon and Chuí in Rio Grande South, which is considered the largest beach in the world, with more than 250 km.

Taíba, State of Ceará

The 2045 beaches in Brazil are able to satisfy all types of taste.

There are beaches with calm waters, conducive to diving, and beaches with good waves for surfing, secluded beaches and beaches chimes, exclusive beaches for nudists and busiest tourist resorts, beaches, urban beaches and restricted access, finally, beaches, beaches and more beaches.

Praia da Calheta/ Beach of Calheta – Trindade Island – State of Espírito Santo

With so many options, plus an auspicious climate without great extremes of variation, it is undeniable belief in our natural vocation for tourism of sun and sea, one of the most attractive that mobilizes the travel industry worldwide.

Arraial do Cabo – State of Rio de Janeiro

Despite having some limitations in infrastructure, including one of the biggest bottlenecks, no doubt, is the air, beach tourism in Brazil, should continue to walk at an even pace, and be structured to meet the growing demand without harming the environment.

Espelho Beach, Porto Seguro – State of Bahia

This delicate balance that the world will continue to contribute in our vast coastline, searching for the perfect beach, generate wealth without killing the goose that lays golden eggs.

Boipeba Island – State of Bahia

Boca da Barra, a beach at the mouth of Rio do Inferno (Hell River), which separates Boipeba from Tinharé Island, is one of the areas with the most infrastructure in Boipeba, as it’s near Velha Boipeba and home to some charming (but modest) B&Bs.

Tassimirim, a fifteen-minute walk from Boca da Barra, is a pristine stretch of sand with no infrastructure as of this writing.

Cueira, the next beach on the way to Moreré, has coconut trees and waters that are good both for surfing (at the left corner) and bathing along most of the shoreline. Instead of restaurants, you’ll find beach huts selling fresh boiled lobster.

Moreré, close to the namesake village, is one of Bahia’s best places for simply soaking in as you lie in its still, shallow waters during the low tide. That’s also when ocean pools form along the reefs – there are boats from the village to take you there.

Beachs of Bahia

Praia do Sargi (Sargi Beach)

João Ebone  Itacaré

Praia do Tororão (Tororão Beach) – in Prado

Praia do Espelho (Espelho Beach) – In Trancoso

Praia da Penha – (Penha Beach)

Praia do Espelho – (Espelho Beach)

Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach) is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazilian coast. In fact it’s an ecological paradise with white sand, coconut palm trees and natural swimming pools of transparent waters. White and orange cliffs divide Espelho from its neighboring beach Praia do Curuipe.

To get there you can either go by buggy or take a bus which goes to Caraiva. It stops on the cross-road from where the road leads to Praia do Espelho. It is quite a walk!!

Uma Praia na Baia de todos os Santos, próximo a Salinas – (A Beach in Todos os Santos Bay, near Salinas)

Ilha de Itaparica – (Itaparica Island)

Ilha de Itaparica – (Itaparica Island)

Taperapuan em Porto Seguro – (Taperabuan Beach in Porto Seguro)

The spacious beach called Taperapuan, situated in the area where there are also the village and the two slovenian houses, is one of the most famous, popular and most frequently visited beaches at Porto Seguro. Clean beach, calm sea, places of amusement, restaurants with a lot to offer, coco-palms, water sport activities and much more, all these are the advantages that make the beach one of the most popular of all the beaches there.

The majority of the biggest and the most famous places of amusement, like Toa Toa, Axe Moi, Barramares and others, can be found at the beach called Taperapuan, not far away from the village and the slovenian houses. Every day there are parties, concerts and dances at the beach – during the day as well as the night. In the morning the water is calm and it makes it possible to take pleasure in swimming, and in the afternoon, when the wind is stronger, the sea is full of waves and so it is possible to take pleasure in surfing, sailing and other similar activities. During the whole year the temperature of the sea is about 25 degrees, and besides there is a light wind blowing from the Atlantic ocean all the time. It refreshes you at all times and protects you from the sun rays. Those who do not enjoy being exposed to the strong sun rays, can find a place under one of many coco-palms.  You can get a pleasant staying and relaxation at other sandy beaches as well. These beaches extend about twenty-five kilometres away from Porto Seguro to the northern side and about fifty kilometres to the southern side of the city.  

More 2 of Itacaré

Praia do Espelho – (Espelho Beach)

To visit Brazil is like having visited several different countries, because Brazil is a continent by itself, with different cultures, languages, history, architecture, gastronomy, etc., but unified by a common thread: the beauty of its beaches. If you come from the north, a good starting point on the beach road will be Fortaleza. Known by its tropical beaches and charming locals, this fantasy place was the origin of several books of popular Brazilian stories and romance.

Diversity is the keyword in Brazilian culture, but when it comes to the beach, we can say something: nor the Caribbean, not beautiful places in Asia as Thailand or Bali, or even the European coast has the beauty of some of these Brazilian beaches. So, if you want to enjoy a perfect beach, come to Brazil, the king of beaches!

Brasil – a land of biodiversity <<<visit

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