Europe in 40 days – Part 1.
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Traveling Croatia

By: Neven Kahlina

Honeymoon in Europe

The newly weds Sam & Neven decided to make their honeymoon trip traveling through the Europe this year. Before they left, I asked them to keep a diary, so that I can create a blog and post it on my web page. They did an excellent job, and I am happy to post their diary as it was written by them. It’s a bit long but it is worth reading it as they experienced some unbelievable events and visited some incredible sites.

Trip_Map_2009Sam & Neven’s travelling route


Saturday, June 27, 2009 – Luzern
It was a long trip to get to Switzerland. We travelled from Edmonton through Toronto, Munich and by the time we finally reached Zurich, we were dead tired.


On our first day in Europe, we took a trip from Zurich to Lucerne. Helen (Sam’s cousin) was our guide for the day and she took us on a tour of this picturesque little town situated on a lake surrounded by beautiful little hills that are decorated with unique, beautiful houses and chateaus.

We entered the city as it was preparing for a jazz/blues festival. The whole place was buzzing with energy and sounds of live bands playing at various outdoor stages surrounded us everywhere we went. We were fascinated by the architecture, cleanliness and the cozy feeling of the town.


The people seemed friendly but that is kind of expected in a touristy town like that. After roaming the streets of old town for a couple of hours we took a ride on a boat that took us on a two hour scenic tour of the surrounding area.  IMG_0841

The scenery was breathtaking and we enjoyed every moment off the boat ride. We finished off the day by taking a short drive up very narrow roads to a resort that is on top of a hill/mountain overlooking Lucerne. The views from the top were amazing

The tiredness of traveling the day before caught up with us and we cut the day a little short to go back home to Zurich and rest.

Sunday, June 28, 2009 – Zurich IMG_0875

We started the day with probably the healthiest breakfast I’ve ever eaten (cereal & fruit) and we set off on our tour of Zurich.   

Zurich is a beautiful city with character. Although very unique it reminded me of my home town Zagreb. It is a very green city like Zagreb but located by a lake. The trams, buses, numerous cyclists, motorcycles and cars all sharing the same narrow roads and it can be pretty interesting driving. There is definitely no time for Timmy’s coffee while navigating the traffic.


We spent most of the morning and early afternoon roaming the streets of old town Zurich going to various interesting sites throughout the city. We were very impressed by the architecture, cobble stoned roads, cleanliness and, in general, the character of this beautiful city.


 After several hours of walking we went to a park by the lake, laid down on the grass and took a nap. It seemed like the whole city comes out on Sundays for lazy strolls down the promenade by the lake. Cyclists, rollerbladers, young, old, lovers and thugs all seem to mix quite peacefully and enjoy being outside.

 In general it seems this city is very focused on outdoor activity. After a beer and a little rest, Helen took us for a tour of her work at FIFA headquarters. This was a beautiful building like something out of a James Bond movie. It also gave us a once in a lifetime chance to see and touch the soccer World Cup trophy. Although a replica it was impressive and it gave me goose bumps.


We went home thinking how this was a fun day and how we were ready to go home to rest for tomorrow when unexpectedly Helen’s friends called and invited us out to a pub to watch the final game of the Confederations Cup (Brazil vs. USA). We gladly accepted and capped an already exciting day with an evening of Football watching and beer drinking. FIFA

 Monday, June 29 2009– Lausanne /Rolle  

Today we left Zurich and begun an adventurous drive towards Geneva that took us through the city of Lausanne.

 Lausanne is a beautiful but busy city located on the shore of Lac Leman. We drove around for a while completely lost and confused. We finally found the Olympic Museum and stopped to see it. It was an interesting experience. Unfortunately the stress of being lost in a big city got to us and we decided to leave before we got even more frustrated.


We took a drive on a secondary road along the shore of Lac Leman going towards Geneva.

 We stopped in a small town of Rolle to spend the night. This sleepy little town offered us exactly what we needed – a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. We spent the evening walking on the promenade along the lake shore drinking wine, talking and relaxing. It amazed us how picking this town at random turned out so good for us. Sometimes the best experiences in traveling come with the least amount of planning.


Tuesday, June 30 2009– Geneva/Lyon

Another day of driving, but this time completely relaxing drive towards Geneva.  IMG_0937

We stopped for a few minutes in Geneva and walked and drove around to see the city. It is another very beautiful European metropolis. Beautiful architecture, monuments and parks. The thought of wandering around another big city did not appeal to us so we set off on our way to Lyon.   IMG_0963

 Lyonis immaculately clean and nicely decorated city. The roads, buildings and parks are amazing. We decided to park the car and set off on foot to see some of the old city. We saw the ruins of an ancient Roman theater, visited “Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière Lyon”. The Basilica is located on top of a big hill that overlooks the entire city. The panoramic views were amazing.  IMG_0955

Lyon is a very big city and it was laid out right in front of us. Afterwards we roamed around for a couple of hours aimlessly enjoying the old feel of the city. Walking on coble stoned roads and passing by ancient monuments. Neither of us is very religious or a history buff so we did not do an in-depth tour of all of the famous monuments.

 We were more on the “Coles notes” type of a tour where we quickly passed through the city, saw just enough to get a feel for the city and then got on our way to the next destination.


In the afternoon we went to a camp ground and pitched a tent for the night……more wine and beer and another relaxing evening by a river bank.  IMG_0962



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    Izvanredan clanak, pravi uzitak za citati, gotovo da se mogu zamisliti na svim tim mjestima i uzivati u svim ljepotama! Bravo Neven i Sam!

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