Europe in 40 days – Part 3.
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Traveling Europe


By: Neven Kahlina

The newly weds Sam & Neven decided to make their honeymoon trip traveling through the Europe this year. Before they left, I asked them to keep a diary, so that I can create a blog and post it on my web page. They did an excellent job, and I am happy to post their diary as it was written by them. It’s a bit long but it is worth reading it as they experienced some unbelievable events and visited some incredible sites. 


Sam & Neven’s travelling route


Monday July 6 2009– Arma Di Taggia
This was a very relaxing and mostly uneventful day. After seeing so much and traveling so far we really needed a day of rest. Arma Di Taggia provided us with the perfect setting. As it was a Monday the beaches were fairly empty and the town was pretty quiet during the day. 


In the evening we took a stroll through the town eating gelato and enjoying the atmosphere. The restaurant we went to for supper, served us good food but the service was something out of a comedy show. The waiter(s) got everything mixed up and made a total mess of our bill. It worked out in the end and we went to our room and sat on the balcony talking the evening away.

Tuesday July 7 2009 – Rapollo
After a short (2 hour) drive on the very windy highway that took us through more tunnels than we could count, we came in to the city of Rapollo.


Rapollo is another beautiful town that we visited and this time we stayed in a very nice hotel. We took a short drive in the afternoon through Santa Margarita in to Portofino. The drive was fun as it took us on some very narrow road that is carved in to the side of a cliff hanging over the sea, at some points it was barely wide enough for our car to get through not to mention oncoming traffic that we needed to maneuver by.



Portofino is a very pretty little town but overpriced and too touristy yet it doesn’t really offer much. It reminded me of many Croatian coastal fisherman villages. Pretty, small and old but I really did not see what made Portofino so special (other than the $9 EU ice-cream). I guess after a while all these towns start to look alike and once you’ve seen a few they lose their appeal. Back to the hotel and another quiet evening.



Wednesday July 8 2009 – Sestri Levante
 We took another scenic drive down the coast to Sestri Levante. Again – a beautiful little town with some nice beaches where we spent most of the afternoon laying around in the beach chairs sipping on beer and soaking up the sun. 


We really are enjoying the last few peaceful and slow days but there is really nothing much to write about. We are spending good quality time together just enjoying each other’s company.



Thursday July 9 2009 – Cinque Terre
Today we wanted to take a nice, scenic boat tour of these five beautiful towns on the Italian coast but due to rough seas the boats were not going out that day. Since it was a sunny day and we planned to leave the next day we decided to take a train out to the furthest of the chinque terre towns – Rimaggiore and then walk back along the trails as far as we could.



 We started our hike at Rimaggiore at about noon and walked along the path which was built on a side of the cliffs overlooking the sea. This was probably the most breath taking scenery we have ever seen. The water was a beautiful blue color with white waves crashing on to the rugged coast. 


The cliffs are very steep and in certain sections it was very scary looking down from the side of the path that didn’t even have a railing, for the majority of the walk the path was barely recognizable as a path.


It was very narrow and rough. In certain sections not even narrow enough for two people walking in opposite directions to pass each other.  As we walked from town to town it amazed us how or even why people have built these little villages on such steep and generally very unfriendly terrain. All the towns were very unique yet very similar at the same time. They all had one thing in common and that is that they are built in to the side of the cliffs where any normal person would say construction is just not possible or necessary.


The hike between four villages (Rimaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia and Vernazza) turned out to be about 12 – 14 km in length and it took us just over three hours by the end of which we were exhausted. Our reward was to sit down on the Marina of Vernazza and swim in the rough seas. Sam enjoyed sun tanning while I joined the many young kids diving off the peer. It reminded me of my childhood when I used to spend whole days hanging out at the peer diving in to the deep blue sea on the Adriatic coast.


After, we took the train back to Sestri Lavante and went out for our last supper in Italy. We tried octopus for the first time and we both had a craving for one last good pasta dish to cap off an amazingly interesting and tiring day.


To be continued…



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