Europe in 40 days – Part 4.
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Traveling Europe


By: Neven Kahlina

The newlyweds Sam & Neven decided to make their honeymoon trip traveling through the Europe this year. Before they left, I asked them to keep a diary, so that I can create a blog and post it on my web page. They did an excellent job, and I am happy to post their diary as it was written by them. It’s a bit long but it is worth reading it as they experienced some unbelievable events and visited some incredible sites. 


Friday July 10 2009 – Porec
A day of driving on the highway from Italy to Croatia was rewarded by arriving in Porec. This beautiful little town on the Croatian cost was Sam’s first taste of Croatia. 


We found it very refreshing in the sense that Croatia seems a lot more tourist friendly than the other countries we have visited on our trip so far. Hotels and private accommodations were very easy to find and we got placed by a tourist agency in a private home. The place had a beautiful apartment close to the center of town and all the beaches.  


The cost was a fraction of what we were paying for rooms in Italy. We enjoyed a walk through the town, but it started to rain, so after supper we went to our room early to get some sleep.

 Saturday July 11 2009 – Labin
 We got up early and Sam was not feeling well so we had to take a trip to the Hospital. We saw the doctor immediately as there were no lineups and Sam got the medication she needed. 


We set on our way to Labin to visit teta Kata, Irena and Maja (my relatives). We were trying to surprise them but instead we ended up being surprised ourselves as Sanja and Jeremy (my sister and her boyfriend) had come to Labin the previous day and ran in to us in the parking lot of teta Kata’s apartment building.

 After a visit at both teta Kata’s and Irena’s, Jeremy and Sam got a little bored of listening to Croatian conversations so we took them to the coast to Camp Marina where Sanja and I used to go camping with our parents when we were kids.



Jeremy and I enjoyed jumping and diving in to the water from the rocky shores (cliffs) while girls took pictures and laughed at us acting like little kids. It was a fun day that ended with a few drinks and laughs in the evening.

 Monday July 13 2009 – Plitvice / Zagreb 
 Sanja suggested we take a “short” detour to stop and visit Plitvicka jezera on our way to Zagreb.


 This is a beautiful national Park with many waterfalls and very nice walkways, lakes, forests and more tourists than we would have liked. It was very busy and it was hard to get around on the narrow wooden walkways. We spent a couple hours there and got back to the car to drive to Zagreb.


  When we arrived in Zagreb the rest of the Kahlinas welcomed us at baka Zdenka’s house with gemist (local drink = white wine + mineral water) and beer. We had a nice little party in the back yard and shared stories.

 We had all (Vera & Zdenko, Sanja & Jeremy, Christina & Lenard, Sandy & Mark, Sam & Neven) come from different directions and vacation destinations to meet in Zagreb so there were a lot of stories to be shared.


 July 14 – 19 2009 – Zagreb



 I got a chance to show my home town to Sam and her dad and also visit some friends and relatives I haven’t seen in a while.  We stayed in a beautiful apartment in Spansko that my dad’s friend Mladen offered us.



 From there we set out every morning to go visit baka Zdenka in the long term care home and then do our sightseeing around Zagreb. We were glad we got a chance to spend some time with Keith and really enjoyed our time with him. I think he also had a good time in Zagreb and appreciated the opportunity to visit with his daughter and son-in-law so soon after leaving to go work in the Middle East.



 We visited all the usual sites in Zagreb such as Trg Bana Jelacica, the main market, the old town and Sljeme. We also went for a couple of suppers with family and the time went by faster than we wanted it to.


 On Friday was our wedding celebration in Marija Gorica. This is a beautiful facility with breath taking views of Zagorje. The party was a success, the food was great and the band kept everyone dancing.


Among the guests were my Uncle Franjo and aunty Blanka as well as my cousins Leo and Lidija. It was really nice to see them as I don’t see this side of my family often. Of course it was nice to see everyone there and we enjoyed sharing our love for each other with my family and friends from Croatia. It feels really good to know that so many people made the trip to see us and show their love and support.

Kroatien 2009 025

 It must be mentioned that my parents organized an excellent party for us with delicious food and great entertainment.

To be continued…




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  1. Comment by Ivan:

    Tako si to sve lijepo opisao i naslikao, da bi ja odmah isao natrag tamo….
    Normalno idemo svake druge godine, ali poslije ovih slika, cini mi se da idemo odmah sljedece ljeto 2010.g.
    Znaci ko voli nek izvoli planirati za drugu godinu, da opet malo prosetamo Zagrebom i okolicom….
    Lijepi pozdrav Nevenu i Sam.

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