Father’s Day Gift Guide
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  Posted June 10th, 2014 by Zdenko  in Cycling, TOOLBOX | No comments yet.

Leisure cycling

By Richard Pestes

How to score enough Dad-points
It’s our one day of the year, and if yours plays out anything like Mother’s Day does here at PEZ HQ, you should get to do what you want – for the whole day!

I’ll settle for a ride of my choosing thanks very much. But if you’ve scored enough Dad-points over the past year to qualify for an actual gift for being just dear old ‘dad’, here are a few items that will make our special day even better…

 American Classic Carbon 38 Tubular Wheels
Bill Shook started the engineering process on these carbon fiber rims from the inside, dictating the direction and lay up of the fibers to form stronger internal spoke beds for structural integrity and stiffness. He then moved to the outside of each wheel, designing unique features for aerodynamic performance to achieve the “sweet spot”.

The 38mm profile makes these pretty friendly in cross winds and the hoops have an upgraded lay-up to work better versus impact. They’re also better against brake heat with a new high TG (glass transition temp) resin. Typical of American Classic, these are a simple, straight forward design that makes for ease of maintenance / truing / hub care.

• 1,370 Grams for the pair and a retail price of $2,100.00
• AMClassic.com

 ZIPP Service Course Bars & Stem
The Service Course SL Bar is made using Zipp’s proprietary ZTL-71 alloy and intricate internal butting processes to achieve a weight of 280g (42cm) with superior strength and rigidity. Available in traditional or short-shallow drops.

• 40-44cm (o-o).
• $120.00 U.S.

The Service Course SL Stem is made using high-strength 3D-forged construction, 7075 aluminum, and titanium bolts to deliver an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio while allowing for smooth lines to complement the aesthetics of modern frames. The Torx 25 bolts provide longer lasting bolt head life and better torque readings. The pros wrench the heck out of these and Zipp wanted something that would stand the test of time (vs. Hex Bolt). Every Service Course SL includes a T25 socket that fits on your multitool.

• 120g (100mm). Available in +/-6 or 17 degrees. 70-130mm.
• $109.00 U.S.
• ZIPP.com

Café du Cycliste Apparel
Based on the French Riviera, Café du Cycliste presents elegant looking cycling wear that’s made in Europe, with high-end fabrics to add some French chic to your rides, in subtly cool designs that just don’t look like everything else out there.


The Sur le Bitume series is tailored for the road with products like the Michelle Jersey (US $165.00) made from a lightweight merino wool/polyester blend or Josephine Bibshort (US $185.00) with a top chamois from Cytech. A visit to their online shop will show you all the neat-looking details that make add up to great value for any rider looking for something different. Available worldwide with free shipping to USA on orders over $285 dollars.

• CafeduCycliste.com

Herbalife24 is a comprehensive performance nutrition line to empower athletes with good nutrition 24-hours a day. The line consists of seven products to address nutritional support for every part of the training day- daily nutrition, performance and recovery. It’s fully customizable so athletes determine their day-to-day needs based on activity levels and training demands.

Based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific literature, the products contain only natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners. Every product is third-party tested for banned substances by BSCG. Products are available exclusively through Herbalife independent distributors.


PEZ Sez: I’ve tried the Hydrate electrolyte supplement, which dissolves easily in the bottle, and has a light taste that makes for easy drinking. The Prolong drink mix takes a bit more shaking to dissolve but blends faster than many powdered mixes I’ve tried and also has a lighter flavor. The Rebuild Strength is also a good one – I mix a couple big scoops with a glass of milk post ride, I like the taste, and I don’t end up with a bunch of undisolved powder in the bottom of the glass.

Suggested retail prices:

(Two products will be available later this year)

Formula 1 Sport: $44.95
Hydrate: $29.95
Prepare: TBD
Prolong: $44.95
Rebuild Endurance: $59.95
Rebuild Strength: $73.95
Restore: TBD
• Herbalife24.com


Padrone for Papa?
Understated looks hide multiple super-high tech fabrics and careful construction in Capo Cycling’s Padrone line. The minimalist aesthetic of Capo’s most technically advanced kit bring you massive performance without screaming “PLEASE STARE AT MY KIT!”…

• UplandSG.com

GORE BIKE WEAR 25th Anniversary Collection
The 25th OXYGEN Jersey, MSRP US$89.99, is an ideal undergarment for winter riding or it can be worn on its own in warm weather. This jersey is also close-fitting and molds perfectly to the cyclist’s position in the saddle. It has vents under the arms, in the back and around the nape of the neck, allowing for rapid heat exchange. When you’re cycling up steep hills the ¾-length zipper at the front can be opened to allow for extra air flow. Various pockets in the back offer plenty of options to stash all those important little things a cyclist carries.


The clothing system is completed with the 25th OZON Bibtight Shorts, MSRP $149.99, These feature the Elastic Interface OZON seat insert, which is seamlessly incorporated and adapts perfectly to the cyclist’s every movement thanks to its special functional material. It reduces pressure on the ischium and on the cyclist’s nerves and sensitive areas, delivering the highest level of comfort for medium and long distances. The close fit has a compressive effect on muscles which assists in enhancing performance and reducing regeneration times without restricting freedom of movement.

• GoreBikeWear.com


The newest version of CycleOps’ PowerTap is called the 3G, and as part of a heavily revamped lineup for 2012, is another impressive step forward for the power measurement meisters from Madison, WI.

The new hubs are noticeably smaller and lighter than previous models, weighing in now at 325 grams, plus designed with wider flanges which increase wheel stiffness. Maintenance and warranty issues are expected to be easier as well with certain electronic components now housed in the end cap, (versus inside the hub), so fewer wheels will require complete de-builds to send in the hubs for warranty – just unscrew and mail in the end cap. The US$1299.00 price tag is also a reduction from previous years, with further price reductions expected across the line.


Further to strengthening their pledge to deliver complete training systems, CycleOps has added 5 new wheel sets to their line up:

• the 45mm deep carbon clincher (shown above), was developed with ENVE wheels, and also comes as a tubular
• a 65 mm deep carbon rim in both clincher and tubular versions
• and an alloy ‘training’ wheelset

All are intended for use with a PowerTap hub and prices are as low as $999.00 for the alloy wheelset with a PowerTap, up to $2999.00 for the 65mm carbon tubs with PowerTap G3.

The new gear is not yet on the website, but watch for it at

• CycleOps.com

Everyone knows there’s no better way to get faster than roll on new bar tape, but not everyone may know about Octto Components’ vast array of colors and textures to suit any bike, paint scheme, or mood. Each roll comes with nifty features like their Gelicone™ Enhanced Comfort Foam, extra long length for even the widest bars, low residue backing that won’t gum up your bars when it comes time to change, locking end plugs and cool Octto logo finishing tape.

• Octto.com

Source: www.PEZ.com

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