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  Posted June 20th, 2014 by Zdenko  in Edmonton | No comments yet.

Edmonton Life


By: Kathleen Bell

An Edmonton native offers cultural hints for out-of-province students.
The quest for knowledge begins anew this autumn as students from all over the province, country, and world are stuffed into Edmonton’s institutions of higher learning — forced, therefore, to become responsible, intelligent young adults … or keg stand champs.

WhateDSC_2154ver inspires the imagination, right? On behalf of Edmonton, we would like to be the first to welcome our new residents and offer a few cultural insights for a smooth transition. And, as a native and post-secondary grad myself, I offer these five helpful suggestions:

(1) Weather 


Come winter, feel free to drop the “minus” off any weather report. We are all acutely aware it’s cold out, so saying it’s “minus 20” becomes superfluous. You may, however, add “plus” onto any unseasonably warm temperature during the shoulder seasons. As in “Holy snowballs, it’s going to be plus four today. I’m wearing my flip-flops!” Trust me, it’ll make you feel better.


 (2) Attire 
We dress inappropriately: by rights we should bundle up eight months out of the year. But the mere idea of spring causes many residents, especially the campus dwellers, to bust out shorts, summer dresses, ballet flats, and flip-flops. It’s not that we’re not cold, it’s that we don’t care. We’re tired of the heavy jackets and binding boots, and once the snow starts to melt it’s basically summer, right?


 (3) Bars 
Yes, we are a thriving metropolis but we love cowboy-themed bars. Ginormous, Wal-Mart-sized cowboy-themed bars. You can ignore it or embrace it, but if you do embrace something at said bars, especially the mechanical bull, it’s probably best to sanitize after. Also, be warned: You must bring at least one quarter of your student loan in an undated cheque to the Oil City Roadhouse.


 (4) Transit 
Our transportation system could use a little work and, honestly, we’re trying. By using the U-pass (the student bus pass) you’ll help fuel the need for transit expansion and get around the city in an eco-friendly way. And who knows? By the time you leave with your degree, we could become a true metro-polis! 


 (5) Recreation 
If, at the end of the frosty school year, you have no idea how E-town maintains any kind of significant population, stay just a little bit longer. Summer in this city is a beautiful kaleidoscope of theatre, music, patio livin’, ultimate Frisbee, mini-donuts and golden drops of sunshine. We love it and, if you give us a chance, you will too.


Everybody loves the Oilers…



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