Edmonton – Historic Walk
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  Posted October 16th, 2014 by Zdenko  in Edmonton | One comment

Edmonton’s downtown

From “Connect2 Edmonton”
I’m planning a historic walk in Downtown Edmonton between Robertson-Wesley United Church and the Hotel Macdonald, as these are the sites of my upcoming wedding ceremony and reception, respectively, in autumn of this year. dsc_1921First Edmonton Public school 
Basically, it’ll be a nice way for attendees to kill an hour between the two. I’m into local history and love sharing it with people. I just took the photos for the proposed walk, and thought I’d share it with you all!


The route is a hybrid of a couple of different historical walks I’ve seen. I’ve made a Google Map of it. All of these photos are available at my Flickr album.

This route was timed at a shade under one hour. There’s some decent housing stock of a similar age in Grandin to run them past, but not with the same ‘residential’ atmosphere.

1. Robertson-Wesley United Church – 10203 123 St.

edmonton12. Christ Church – 12116 – 102 Ave.
edmonton23. West End Telephone Exchange – 12019 – 102 Ave. 

edmonton34. Derwas Court Apartment Building – 10146 – 121 St.

edmonton45. Annamoe Mansion – 11950 – 100 Ave.

edmonton56. Victoria Park & Golf Links – Viewed from 100 Ave.

edmonton67. Lemarchand Mansion – 11523 – 100 Ave.

edmonton78. Westminster Apartments – 9955 – 114 St.

edmonton89. Hugh W. Campbell Residence – 9934 – 114 St.

edmonton910. Dubuc Park – Corner of 114 St. and 99 Ave.

edmonton1011. North Side 99 Avenue Homes – 99 Ave. between 112 and 113 Streets

edmonton1112. The Mountafield – 9850 – 112 St.

edmonton1213. Misericordia Hospital – 111 St. between 98 and 99 Avenues

edmonton1314. The Hill Houses – 111 St. between 97 and 98 Avenues

edmonton1415. High Level Bridge – 109 Street

edmonton1516. Grandin School – 9844 – 100 St.

edmonton1617. Oblate Provincial House & St. Joachim’s Church – 110 St. between 99 and 100 Avenues

edmonton1718. Bowker Building – 9835 – 109 St.

edmonton1819. Legislature Building – 10801 – 97 St.

dsc_185820. Federal Public Building – 9820 – 107 St.

dsc_192721. McKay Avenue School – 10425 – 99 Ave.

edmonton2122. Gariepy House – 9947 – 104 St.

edmonton2223. Masonic Temple – 10318 – 100 Ave.

edmonton2324. Salvation Army Citadel – 10030 – 102 St.

edmonton2425. McDougall United Church – 10086 – 101 St.

edmonton2526. Hotel Macdonald – 10065 – 100 St.



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