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  Posted November 4th, 2015 by Zdenko  in Edmonton | 16 comments

Prostate Cancer Canada

By: Zdenko Kahlina
Movember means it’s time to grow that moustache! 
It’s that time again fellas: Movember is upon us. And you know what that means. Moustaches for everyone – even if your main squeeze, girlfriend, wife, sister or daughter says you look like a 70s porn star.

Why? Because Movember is prostate cancer awareness month, and by adorning your upper lip with some serious fur you are making your fellow men as well as their women aware of the fact that although less talked about, prostate cancer is actually more common than breast cancer!
A group of us from work at WCB (Edmonton), will be raising money for Prostate Cancer Canada. The rules are simple, start Movember 1st clean-shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire month. The moustache becomes the ribbon for men’s health, the means by which awareness and funds are raised for prostate cancer.  Much like the commitment to run or walk for charity, the men of Movember commit to growing a moustache for 30 days.

We are looking for your donations to help our team “Cash for the Stache – WCB” raise money.  Just visit site, search for our team and donate any amount you wish. All proceeds will count towards the Prostate Cancer Canada.
For more information and to sign up go to, then send your friends or loved ones who think you’ve gone insane here or to YouTube to watch the video. And while you’re at it you can read the original article after the jump.

A little action in the bedroom is good but did you know it’s also good FOR you?
If your man is using this as a reason for gettin’ a little somethin’ somethin,’ it ain’t no ordinary line ladies. He’s actually right! Such a release is good for his prostate and if you knew how common it is for men to develop cancer in this gland, you wouldn’t take his request so lightly.
Even though the subject is brought up every once in a while, people (generally of the male variety) are usually quick to change it or simply tune it out because it’s an uncomfortable issue. But why? We hear about breast cancer on a daily basis now it seems, and you can buy pretty much anything in pink these days so why is there this great imbalance?

Well, for one thing, just as you’d rather see bare breasts than full frontal male nudity, women just have a prettier package and pretty things are easier to talk about. The fact that breast cancer surgery is a lot more traumatic also warrants the attention. Consider that women can actually lose a whole breast, something that is more physically and psychologically damaging than losing an organ that you can’t see or touch. That’s why I think prostate cancer never gets the spotlight…until now!

And it’s about time! Did you know that prostate cancer is actually more common than breast cancer?! The numbers are staggering. Just this week alone, 429 Canadian men will have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and according to the Canadian Cancer Society, 1 in 27 will die from it. That’s why early detection is so critical. Like any other cancer, doctors the world over are still hard at work finding a cure so if a cancer is left to grow, it could not only be debilitating, but fatal. Prostate cancer develops very slowly so by the time you experience any symptoms, it may already be too late. However, if you are diligent about your annual checkups, early detection will ensure that you receive the right treatment so you can continue to live your life to the fullest. It is strongly recommended that men 40 and over be examined regularly but men in their mid-30s are now beginning to do so as well. Can’t hurt right? Well…maybe a little…

Granted, a physical examination of your prostate is more than unpleasant, but consider the repercussions if you ignore such a serious condition. Mad Morten’s grandfather discovered a tumor that eventually spread to his back, paralyzing him during his latter years of life and only through sheer stubbornness did he still live a relatively long one. The cancer can engulf any part of your body, not just your back as in this case. You guys out there will be happy to know that there is an alternative to being poked and prodded. As Alan explains in the video, there is a blood test called the Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test that is less invasive and which produces the same results, so please consult your family physician, ask lots of questions, and learn more about it.

All this education is where Movember comes into play. Now that you’re armed with potentially life-saving info, it’s time to spread something of the good kind…awareness. And how will you do that? By sporting a MO (an Aussie slang for mustache) and becoming a Mo Bro!
Unless you’re Magnum P.I., these facial accents are a rarity. That’s why when you wear one yourself, you’ll naturally attract attention and as people begin to ask you why you’re wearing such a pimpin’ look, you can enlighten them about a worthy cause. Women may be challenged in the facial hair department, but they have a part to play as well, by becoming Mo Sistas and supporting and recruiting Mo Men. This is one of the most creative ways of approaching a delicate subject and you’re encouraged to have fun with it.

Conduct Mo-offs at your office! The teachers at Midland Secondary School in Ontario are raising money by selling ballots to vote on which teacher will don which ridiculous-looking mustache for the remainder of the month. All the money raised will fund each participating country’s leading prostate cancer research foundation so all the money raised in Canada will stay IN Canada. Our country’s beneficiary partner is the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada so sign up at, start your own competition, and at the end of the month, celebrate with all your Edmonton Mo Bros and Sistas! Check for party listings.

Knowledge is power babeh!

Hope, you have a great season!

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  6. Comment by Michael Bernas:

    Good afternoon my Brothers!

    It has been a long journey and for someone like me that has never grown a stache before, I have a new found respect for the Mo and for those that keep them year around.

    Anyway, congratulations to everybody in fundraising close to $20,000 so far. With 1 week left, the goal of $10,000 was obviously no match for us. Looking at the rankings, we are currently sitting in 27th place nationally. If everybody puts their Mo into it, there is a chance that we can surpass WorkSafeBC who currently sits 19th and is ahead by $3,000.

    So keep up the good work and don’t forget we will be meeting Tuesday November 30th for the award ceremony and team picture!!

  7. Comment by Zdenko:

    Edmonton Team Results:

    Company Amount Raised (CAD) Team (11 or more)
    Team Captain Company Amount Raised(CAD)
    1 CIBC Mo’sale Banking Steve Losty CIBC World Markets Inc. $239,723
    2 The PwC Moustache Experience Nicholaos Karkas PricewaterhouseCoopers $153,814
    3 KeePMosGrowing David Oldham KPMG LLP $79,462
    4 Stantec Canada Steve Fulford Stantec Consulting $67,478
    5 Team Be-Mo Peter Myers BMO Capital Markets $61,186
    6 MoCarthy Tetrault Tzen-Yi Goh McCarthy Tetrault LLP $55,060
    7 PepsiCo Canada James Hunt PepsiCo $45,188
    8 RBC Mo Bros Barin Robertson RBC Wealth Management $38,079
    9 Rogers Insurance Mo’s Marv Martin Insurance Brokerage $37,160
    10 Home Trust Company Nicholas Seelert Home Trust Company $35,933
    11 MOdlum Brown (Stocks, bonds and ‘Staches) Craig Killian Odlum Brown Limited (Investments) $35,041
    12 PH&N Hairy Goats Edmond Ho Phillips, Hager & North $33,680
    13 Acumen Capital Partners Sheldon Le Lievre $33,499
    14 TD Mo Rates and FX Brad Saunders TD SECURITIES $33,489
    15 ‘Mo’ple Leaf Sports Graeme McIntosh Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment $33,242
    16 KPMG GVA MoBros Ian Wilshaw KPMG $32,692
    17 Three Monkeys Mike Casali Three Monkeys $31,149
    18 Flight Centre Canada ‘Tash Team 2010 Jason Hartley Flight Centre Canada $30,717
    19 brAZen Mo’s Gaby Bourbara AstraZeneca Canada $30,484
    20 RGMP Bearded Bunch Mark Farris Richardson GMP $30,251
    21 WorkSafeBC: Making a difference, one moustache at a time. Corrina Hellens WorkSafeBC $29,090
    22 Scotia Stashes Glenn Howard Scotia Capital $28,213
    23 Shauntourage Andrew Dalik the antidote inc. $28,198
    24 Hydro Bros & Sistas James MacIntosh Energizer Personal Care $26,312
    25 Bonavista Petroleum Scott Gerber Bonavista Petroleum $26,190
    26 KeePMosGrowing – Calgary Scott Olsson KPMG $25,907
    27 Fallen Eyebrow Kendra Kortzman CresaPartners $25,158
    28 BMO Nesbitt Burns PART Team Michael Herring BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. $24,760
    29 Cash for the Stache – WCB Michael Bernas Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta $24,688
    30 The Tiger Tamers Theron Lagarde The Tiger Tamers $24,654

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