CRES and LOŠINJ islands, Croatia
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Beautiful Croatia

By: Zdenko Kahlina

Islands in Primorsko-Goranska county
Croatian islands Cres and Losinj are our holiday destination this summer. Cres and Losinj are the next two islands after Krk, reachable only by a ferry boat (or your own boat!). Mali Losinj is among those places with the most sunny days per year in Europe.

map-krk-cres-rab-losinjMap of Primorsko-Goranska county, Croatia

One of the special attractions is a very unusual natural phenomenon: the freshwater lake of Vrana (Vransko jezero) on the island of Cres (5.75 sq. km). The surface level of this lake is above sea level, and its bottom is 74 meters below sea level. This is one of the last habitats of a very rare bird, the ‘whitehearled vulture’. Along with the beauty, Cres and Losinj have to offer you an amazingly clean sea and air, tranquility, and an insight into the history ( protected relics, churches, cathedrals)! Losinj’s special feature is a colony of dolphins, and there are some 150 registered so far.

cres_road2Freshly paved scenic road D-100 connects Cres and Losinj.

Dolphins are one of the best indicators of the clean sea and Losinj is the first one in the Mediterranean to be proclaimed the dolphin reservation. During Summer, in the month of July and August, “The Evenings of Osor” (Osorske veceri) are organised, filled with concerts, street parties, art happenings,…

cres_town1Cres town

losinj3Losinj island and town of Mali Losinj

The climate of Losinj is very mild, due to its forests among other things, so it has developed into a health resort; specialised in Astma and other respiratory sicknesses. So, having in mind all this, what you can expect from Cres and Losinj is beautiful nature (pine forests to protect you from the Sun and for some help you with breathing, clean sea and quiet, empty beaches), great weather, delicious food and tranquility; all it takes to fill in your empty batteries from the hectic life in the cities , smog, people and worries.

cres_road1New scenic road D-100 connects Cres and Losinj.

Island of Losinj is an island at the very west of Kvarner Gulf. It is one of the smaller island in the archipelago, divided from larger, Cres, by a small passage, connected by bridge. Losinj cover area of about 75 km2, 30 km in length, where about 8 thousands people permanently lives. Before Roman times, island of Cres and Lošinj where one island , when Osor channel has been dug , so two separate islands emerged. The north-western part of Losinj is steep and rocky, eastern coast is much more flat than the western and exposed to the bura wind.The island has a mild climate and evergreen vegetation.

lubenice03ih1Losinj has numerous bays with small villages built in them. Most popular among the bays is Cikat bay, that has nice beach, campsite and several villas and hotels. Island of Losinj used to be important centre of shipbuilding and sea faring, but in late 19th century become tourist destination due to it’s location ( close to Central Europe and Vienna) and mild climate. The central place of the island is Mali Losinj, which is allegedly the larges town at the Croatian Islands. Lungomare, the seashore walk paths, largely covered with pine trees, passing through bays connects Mali Losinj and Veli Lošinj, another place on the Island.

More beautiful pictures from island of Cres and Losinj can be found here.

cres_islandLosinj island has numerous bays and hidden beaches

Cres, Lubenice 


lubenice02xf8Lubenice is a dramatic settlement, 22 km southwest of the town of Cres. An unusual town built out of stone was built on a 378 m high cliff, about 4,000 years ago. Today it is visited by many tourists on the island; once it used to serve as a watchtower and a shelter. In the main square is konoba “Lubenicka loza” (Lubenice Lodge) a small tavern with local vine, cheeses, prosciutto. It has a spectacular view over the sea and islands from the village walls.

lubenice04hp2Down below, at the foot of Lubenice, a small bay with the most wonderful beach of St. John (Sv. Ivan) is situated. It takes about 45 minutes to walk down and about one hour to climb back up. The beach is often visited by yachts. It is a virgin beach with clear water and aquatic life of an aquarium.

zalazaklubenice205by2The beach directly below – a 45-minute walk down, an hour-long clamber back up – has the clear water and aquatic life of an aquarium. Lubenice is a special, isolated place with a feel of mystery and solitude.

lubenice_016Very narrow two-way road connects Lubenice with the rest of the world.



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