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By: Zdenko Kahlina

Best place in Edmonton to live!
Looking for the best place in Edmonton to live? Then focus your Google Earth search on north Edmonton and focus in on a man made Beaumaris Lake, a delightful and relatively unknown amenity in Castle Downs neighborhood (North Edmonton).

Beaumaris Lake, North Edmonton

 The lake is about 35 years old and has a walkway around the entire perimeter. It has developed very nicely with a variety of mature trees and shrubs which are very well maintained. A great example of quality work that can be done by the developer and the city. If you have not had a chance to walk around the lake I would highly recommend it. Very peaceful, relaxing and scenic route around lake is good for a walk or jog. Lots of geese and ducks. If you want to get away from the city for a bit, this is the place. Stay for a while and relax. It is the jewel of Castle Downs.

Photographic scenery and friendly people

Plenty of stopping areas

Where is Beaumaris Lake?
Lake Beaumaris is found in the Southwestern part of the Lorelei-Beaumaris Community League and is truly a gem of nature and recreation. The lake was built in 1977 and was the first storm water lake built in Edmonton. We now see many community developments built around storm water lakes but Lake Beaumaris offers so much because of its size and maturity.

Beaumaris Lake, North Edmonton

Lake Beaumaris has a perimeter path that is approximately 3 km around and is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Some of the activities enjoyed by residents and visitors include: walking, bicycling, jogging, photography, geo caching, birding, picnicking, nature study, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. It is a great place to go for a quick run or to spend a few hours in a good book listening to the many species of birds. Well maintained asphalt/concrete trail; with small rises. Good entry level exercise area. Plenty of stopping areas. Photographic scenery and friendly people.

Well maintained asphalt/concrete trail

Beaumaris Lake is surrounded by mature habitat

Well maintained asphalt/concrete trail and friendly people

Like Edmonton, with its forested river valley and canopied older streets, Beaumaris boasts a mature habitat. Here the stately elm-lined main roadways lead to the lake. And, for me, this charming pocket defines Edmonton: safe, clean, natural and sustainable.

Every morning by 7 a.m., in a delightful wooded corner retreat, you’ll observe a determined elderly man facing east while he performs his well rehearsed tai-chi movements under the spell of the lodge pole pines. Young mothers push their babies in carriages, enjoying an opportunity to share the day’s news. Two toddlers show the minnows what they and their dad have netted by the water’s edge. After work, runners take to the 3 kilometers path along the horseshoe shape of the lake to log in some cardio time. The Edmonton city police trainees from the nearby training centre at Griesbach often run the course here, committing a ma’am every time they pass by on the paved path.

Paradise for ducks all around the lake

It is a real treat to catch a glimpse of a small, shy ruddy duck with its gorgeous rusty plumage and vivid blue bill as it emerges from its hiding spot amongst the shoreline reeds. You may also luck out and see a baby grebe crawl up onto the back of its mom and poke its little head out to view the world from the safety of mother’s protective feathers.

Birdwatchers are delighted on this lake

Birdwatchers are delighted to identify many species of local birds: blackbirds (including red- and yellow-winged varieties), ducks (including grebes, mergansers, ruddies and mallards), coots, herons, seagulls, terns, chickadees, sparrows, woodpeckers, nuthatches and red polls. Young and old delight in feeding the birds who are tame—perhaps too tame—but this is urbanity.

Even in winter, the lake, like the city, is in full use: cross-country skiers glide along the snow-covered water, while others pull on their winter gear and walk along the lake enjoying the ever-changing views. The mornings with hoar frost provide a magical ambience with air so clear and cold you feel the stimulation on your cheeks for hours. Those foggy winter days force you to be in the moment, dissolve the past and ignore the future, meditate about the bountiful beauty in this place we call Edmonton. But, more often than not, the sun is beaming producing those deep indigo shadows on sparkling snow.

Beaumaris Lake – jewel of Castle Downs

Plenty of spots for birdwatchers

Plenty of resting areas around the lake

Beaumaris is a sustainable and healthy community in which to live. It is possible to walk everywhere: to grocery stores, medical services, restaurants, video stores, the gym at the Y for active living and to the well-stocked Castle Downs library, a favorite of mine and many other folks from toddlers to seniors. For those who need to get elsewhere, there is an excellent transit system that zips downtown or to the south side in half an hour, with no worries about rush hour traffic or parking fees.

Like Beaumaris, Edmonton is small enough to be accessible, yet large enough to offer amenities, both subtle and specific. This thumbnail sketch literally represents the best attributes of our wonderful city.

Cyclists having a break at the lake shore

Runners take to the 3 kilometers path around the lake

Castle Down, Beaumaris Lake, Lago Lindo
These communities lie north and west of the Canadian Forces Base Edmonton (Greisbach) and are all built fairly recently over the past 25 years. The neighbourhoods lie west of 97 Street (#28) and north of 137 Avenue. Because of their newness the developers have arranged for extensive parkland, and in several cases lake in the midst of the community.

Castle Downs is the oldest of these communities and includes Baranow, Caernarvon and Carlysle neighbourhoods.

The adjoining neighbourhoods of Dunluce, Lorelei, and Baturyn feature homes in the $350,000 to $490,000 range and condos from $250,000 and up. Lago Lindo, east of 97th Street (#28) is built around two slightly smaller lakes than Beaumaris, but has plenty of parkland. This area is attracting a lot of new home construction, particularly in the mid-price range.

This community has seven public elementary schools, and three Catholic elementary schools. There is a public library in the middle of the community at Beaumaris Mall. The high schools for both school boards are a significant drive/bus ride away.

Shopping in the area tends to be centered around Beaumaris Mall in the geographical centre of the area. There are clusters of shops in a small plaza along 137th Ave, and along 97 Street. There are two malls to the southeast of the community, at the intersection of 127 Ave and 97 St: Northwood Mall and North Town Mall.

The community has a number of recreational facilities, many of which are centered around the artificial lakes. To the middle is the Castle Downs Recreation Centre, with its ice arena. To the southwest is the Knights of Columbus Sports Complex (with its ice arena), the Cineplex Odeon Twin Drive In. There are two golf courses on 137th Avenue (just west of St Albert Trail).

Zdenko was enjoying his short bike ride from his house to the lake

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