Best of Croatian Ice Cream
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Traveling Croatia

By: Zdenko Kahlina

Best of Croatian Ice Cream
Ice cream. What’s not to love? Imagine an cold creamy sweet liquor sliding down your throat, when the outside temperature during the summer months riches over +30 degrees! This feeling is cooling that internal inferno caused by our sweltering and humid environment. Ahh… it’s so yummy!!!

32ce9105Delicious Ice cream in Croatia

Last summer I spent several months in the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. Zagreb is my hometown but is also hometown of the best ice cream in the world! At least that’s what I think so. We do have pretty decent ice cream in Edmonton (place like ‘Marble slab’, comes to mind), but Croatian ice cream? O, boy, they blew me away with their intensity in flavor, selection, the smoothness in texture and generosity in their servings. During our stay in Zagreb, we spent many evenings walking through downtown streets and pedestrian only zone (called ‘Špica’) sampling ice cream at several popular parlors.

DSC_6925Amazing selection of Ice cream

Millenium ice cream parlor
For me, this is one of the best places in town. Over the past few months we’ve sampled many different flavors of ice cream at this place. A beautiful fruits of the forest ice cream sundae, a gorgeous caramel ice cream, raspberry ice cream sundae, a delicious chocolate ice cream sundae and a lovely stracciatella ice cream sundae in a glass cup were all the best for me. This friendly ice cream parlor is located in downtown pedestrian zone, on Bogoviceva street. We sat outside each time on their fuschia seat pavement cafe area, but also admired their inside lounge bar. We could go inside and order our ice cream at the ice cream bar, or place our orders while sitting outside. Service was speedy and very friendly from lovely waitresses. The place is clearly very popular, and with prices starting from around 38kuna for a spectacular sundae, I was not surprised. Individual scoops are priced at 10KN ($1 CAD= 5KN). This is excellent value for the money…

DSC_2167Croatian Kremšnita… Jummy…

Vincek – Favorite childhood dessert
When I was growing up in Croatia, this was well-known place on the main ‘Ilica’ street that everyone knows serves THE best Ice cream and huge selection of excellent desserts. I would usually order ‘kremšnita’ and one ‘šampita’, another favorite. The kremšnita cake has a distinct lack of overbearing sweetness so common for most Canadian desserts. The understated sugar drew out the texture and flavor of custard. It was hard in the moment to summon impulse control and stop at one slice. It would have been great to sample a different dessert every day because everything in the display case looked incredible. Just look at my pictures…

DSC_2131Vincek ice cream parlor is on the main street in Zagreb

DSC_6925Great selection of ice cream at Vincek

Vincek is a synonym for hedonism. The variety is huge and everything looks delicious. The bakery has elegant and ample seating area, which gets overcrowded in the evenings. When you come inside any place like this and you see people waiting in line, you know that you are waiting for a reason. Quality… This is legendary ice cream place in Zagreb.

DSC_2163Great selection of cakes…

Slastičarna ‘Zagreb’
This was a place we stumbled upon, located just around the corner from ‘Špica’ (promenade) on Masarykova street. It turned out to be a well-known ‘slastičarna’ (Croatian word for Ice cream parlor) establishment in Zagreb. Longtime favorite place for one of the best dark chocolate ice creams I have ever tasted and other sweet temptations. Slastičarna Zagreb was refurbished in 2011 and is now one of the swankier city-center spots for a little (or not so little) desserts indulgence. We always pick one of the tables outside on the street and enjoy watching people walking by.

They have huge servings of Croatian ice cream. Slastičarnica Zagreb does these interesting sundae creations that we couldn’t get enough of. Individual scoops are merely priced at 9KN ($1 CAD is 5KN).

DSC_4958Decisions, decisions… what should I get?

They also serve perfect blend of blueberries and white chocolate on cocoa sponge cake that melts on the tongue… This description must appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. This place knows how to cater for everyone.

There are many others…
There are many Ice cream parlors in Zagreb. I will mention here just a few that we visited during our stay. Here is my Best of Croatian Ice Cream list!

-      Millenium (Bogoviceva 7),
-      Vincek (Ilica 18),
-      Zagreb (Masarykova 4),
-      Ivica i Marica (Tkalciceva 70)
-      Oranž (Ilica 7),
… and there are many others.

DSC_2138Another window with great selection of ice cream and many different cakes and tortes…

Best ice cream?
Zagreb will become even more appealing to current as well as future ice cream fans because it is the ‘birthplace’ of the best ice cream in the world. Tasting it and enjoying its flavor in Zagreb is an additional treat!  Is it better than Italian Gelato? I’ll leave it to you to find out. Travel to Croatia, try them and then let me know.

DSC_2165Vera with our friends Durda and Ivan enjoying sweet taste…

They are all definitely amongst the Best Ice Cream in Europe. The Croatian tradition of baking with whole ingredients is alive and well here and this is certainly a city in which to let the sweetness work its magic on you. So, when you come to a place that has ‘Eat here, diet at home’ painted across a wall, you realize what it’s all about. You realize what life is all about.

Sweet, sweet moments, no regrets, living on the edge.

Hope you have a good year!

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