Life is too short NOT to be Italian!
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  Posted January 10th, 2018 by Zdenko  in Travel | No comments yet.

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By: Mojca Žirovnik

It’s totally true that if – in our lives – we did some things Italians do regularly, our life would be better.

 I was watching a movie today, an Italian one of recent production, titled: “Italians!” And the movie ended saying: “La vita e troppo breve per non essere Italiano (Life is too short not to be Italian)”!

And I understood that as an invitation to all viewers of this movie to “loosen up”, “follow your heart”, “go with the flow” … Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

It’s totally true that if – in our lives – we did some things that Italians do regularly, our life would be better. Such as?

American woman in Italy, 1951. Do you think things have changed?

Take your time for a morning coffee (instead of a takeaway), have a dinner with your family once a day, where you know that what you’re going to eat is so healthy that you do not have to worry at all about the calories (a dish of pasta with tomato sauce is less heavier than a ham sandwich with mayo).  And after that – feel free to have an amazing “gelato”!

Parking in Italy

Park “all over the place”, and don’t worry if your car gets scratched (from time to time), it’s all about steel, anyway. Offer yourself a pair of amazing (Italian) shoes, preferably with a high heel (I’ve read in a magazine that an average Italian woman spends 500 euro per year on shoes.) And the only types of shoes worth splashing out on are stilettos.

Leaving your “Vespa” on the sidewalk is normal.

For male readers … Never stop wooing! As a woman, married to an Italian, I can tell you that I never turn down an invitation to a nice, little place, tucked away, with checked table cloths, pasta alle vongole and some hearty red wine. It’s a chance for both of us to reflect, to talk and – spend some time together. And the world is full of very good Italian restaurants.

Eating outside on the plaza is very common in Italy.

Never say “no” to an Italian pizza…

Sometimes, however, it’s difficult for all of us to let go. We’re trapped into the pace of everyday life with no emergency exit. And if we want to take action to have a higher quality of life – perhaps we have to learn how to do it. As simple as that.

Guess what? Now I’m going to Florence to a street shop to buy a T-shirt saying “Life is too short NOT to be Italian!” And if I find one, I’ll send it over to you.

Enjoy this day!

Mojca is my Slovenian friend who lives in Florence. She has her own blog site:

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