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 Slovenian Women’s cycling team

Women Cycling

Source: Total Women’s Cycling, written by Sarah Dean

BTC City Ljubljana – Slovenian Women’s Cycling Team Rising Through the Ranks
I don’t mean those first heady moments of awkwardness and freedom. But the process of becoming truly comfortable on the bike—all the things that you had to figuWe spoke to members of the team that went pro in 2014 but is now ranked 12th worldwide…


 Bicycle racing and sex

Women’s cycling

By: Sean Lee

Bicycle racing and… why women’s cycling is fascinating!
It has been a long held belief in boxing that sex before a bout will leave a fighter with weak legs. Australian swimming legend Dawn Fraser on the other hand was of the opinion that it enhanced athletic performance, for her anyway.


 Biking’s a breeze for ladies

Biking stories

Source: Western Daily Press

Biking’s a breeze for the ladies who love to cycle.
Three times more men than women cycle for fun, according to statistics. Suzanne Savill meets the women hoping to change that in the West Country. Cycling through the Cheddar Gorge is an impressive accomplishment by anyone’s standards.


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